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Added Color is a 3 piece alternative rock band based in Brooklyn, NY.  Born out of the violent, chaotic yet equally beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil, brothers Daniel and Kiko grew up absorbing Brazil’s unique rhythmic and musical richness. They brought these influences to Brooklyn, NY, where they met Tim to create the hard hitting, emotional rollercoaster that is Added Color. There was an immediate connection between the three members which has only been strengthened by playing over 500 shows together.  


Added Color had a stand out year in 2022.  They released four singles to critical acclaim, while simultaneously writing music for Steve Aoki’s new Trading Card Game “Metazoo”.  The band finished constructing a recording studio in the fall, and has been producing their second full length album with Johann Meyer (mixer/FOH for Gojira). The group has recently been onto a fresh sound that can only be described as dangerous.  It’s deeply groovy, bass heavy and paints a cinematic/sinister picture with captivating hooks and choruses.  The band shines with their 3 singers, who together create rich harmonic landscapes, backed by a powerful rhythm section that draws from rock/metal, new wave and their multicultural roots.


Added Color has played in over 30 US states, toured internationally in Morocco (6 times), Canada and Brazil, playing some of Brazil's biggest music festivals alongside bands like Muse, Suicidal Tendencies, and Soulfly. The band recently headlined Morocco’s L’Boulevard Festival.


Added Color is Daniel Freiberg (Drums/Vocals), Kiko Freiberg (Guitar/Vocals/Piano/Percussion), and Tim Haggerty (Guitar/Vocals/Bass).

Lunatic Music Video


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